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Learn Reconnective Healing, for yourself, your friends and family or to facilitate sessions in a professional setting. 

Heal Others Heal Yourself Eric PearlWould you like to learn more about Reconnective Healing® and the Personal Reconnection®, and discover how to practice these powerful energy frequencies yourself? It is an extremely enriching learning experience that is within everyone’s reach! No prerequisite is required.

After having experienced the benefits of Reconnective Healing sessions (and even more so after having had a Personal Reconnection), many people decide to become practitioners themselves of this formidable regeneration process. You can start by reading Eric Pearl’s book, “The Reconnection, Heal Others, Heal Yourself” (Hay House publ., 2003, 256 p.), which will give you the context for exploring the Reconnection and its basic principles.

Your training can start with the online base course, “The Portal”. This is a particularly complete 8-hour online module that combines theoretical basics, practical exercises, recommendations by Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer, excerpts from energy channelings and question-and-answer sessions. It is directly accessible to you at home, on your screen (subtitles available in 10 different languages). Once registered, you have lifetime access to it.

Level 1 training online Reconnective healing


The live weekend seminar of the second level, the “Reconnective healing Training Program”, will allow you to master Reconnective Healing through full immersion in the frequencies. You will experience its rebalancing effects yourself, in a very concrete way. The certificate delivered at the end of the course entitles you to become a professional practitioner.



Practitioners wishing to learn how to facilitate the Personal Reconnection can register for a following training module called Reconnection Training Program, which leads to an accreditation exercise. You will then be able to offer your clients a full realignment, a reconnection to the energy grids of the earth and the universe.The training sessions organised are organized all around the world by Reconnective Academy International

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