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Reconnective Healing Belgium


Reconnective Healing Belgium  (RHB) is an informal, self-managing network for and by Belgian practitioners Reconnective Healing. It all started in 2019, with the joint ideas and efforts of Géry de Pierpont and Doina Lazar, and quickly grew into a small but fine community of practitioners with at least one shared passion, namely Reconnective Healing.

The network consists on the one hand of this website, an online place where we are accessible and findable for people who are looking for more information about Reconnective Healing.

On the other hand, the network also consists of a WhatsApp group where anyone with a passion for Reconnective Healing who has completed ONE Experience (The Portal level I and The Catalyst level II) is welcome.

It has been set up to enable sharing of experiences in a simple way, to be able to ask questions in complete confidence, to exchange, to support, to co-create, to stay informed, etc. In short, it is a playground full of opportunities for fun and growth.

Live and online events are jointly organized based on every need and action of practitioners. There are regular online meditation moments, live meeting days, joint participation in trade fairs, and so on. It all starts with and by the practitioners. 

Meeting Day 20 Nov 2021
Meeting Day 26 Aug 2023

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